Secure Shredding

The difference between shredding and secure shredding could save your company millions.

With the average cost of a security breach reaching over $7 million, your company can’t afford to simply shred. Piled up papers take up space and tasking your employees to shred paper wastes time and puts your confidential information at risk. Upgrade your office with secure shredding to save time, money, and worry.


We understand that when it comes to secure shredding, one size does not fit all.

That’s why we give you options for your company’s document destruction needs. Our on-site and plant-based paper shredding caters to various demands while maintaining security and convenience. We also offer records management and data destruction for companies who need to securely store confidential information or destroy hard drives and other data.

We never want you to question what happens to your documents once they leave your office. That’s why DataShield is dedicated to transparency and committed to tracking each step of the destruction process. Plus, DataShield is AAA NAID Certified and HIPAA, FISMA, FACTA, and GLBA compliant, which provides confidence that your documents are properly destroyed according to the most current regulations.

DataShield’s friendly specialists are always available to answer your questions.



Clean out your cluttered confidential documents and schedule a purge today.



Compromised data can ruin your company’s reputation and cost you millions. DataShield destroys your data for good – forever.

Start protecting your documents and data now.