Electronic Recycling

Do you have old computers sitting around your home or office? Would you like to get rid of outdated TVs, printers, monitors and cell phones… but you don’t know how?

DataShield is a nationally-certified information disposal service. We serve clients all throughout Nebraska to Des Moines, Iowa.

Recycling Old Electronics

The information stored on your old electronics should never fall into the wrong hands.

Unless you work with certified professionals who are trained and compliant in secure data destruction, you’re putting yourself at risk if you simply toss them.

Landfills can’t ensure your data is destroyed and out of risk of being stolen and misused. Plus, chemicals in the electronics could hurt someone if not thrown away properly.

DataShield offers custom solutions so you can safely recycle the old electronics stacking up in the corner.

Find out how electronics recycling works!

Benefits of Electronic Recycling:

1. A Cleaner Environment

Electronic recycling can prevent landfills from filling up with electronic waste. Not only does this waste space, but it can also spread harmful toxins and contaminates the groundwater. Recycling your electronics can help prevent environmental pollution caused by dangerous toxins.

2. Conserves Natural Resources

There are several materials that can be reused from recycling your old electronics. These materials can be used to create new products and reduce the need to find new, raw material.

3. Supports the Less Fortunate

Believe it or not, participating in electronic recycling and donating your old electronics can play a very important role for low-income families, schools, and non-profit organizations. Your donation could supply individuals with a refurbished computer, mobile device, or other technologies that could not have been afforded otherwise.

Electronic Recycling Services:

Computer Recycling

Disposing of and recycling old computers is one of the most popular requests we get for electronics recycling. When you want to get rid of the old towers, hard drives, monitors, cords and other computer parts, we’re here.

When it comes to computers, we physically shred the hard drives and storage components. We don’t wipe it and resell it like many others.

With us, your data is irrevocable. Guess what…

You can stay and watch the demolition if you want!

Once your data is destroyed, we take the scrap materials from the computer and either recycle or destroy them, depending on the parts and what universal waste regulations say to do.

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TV Recycling

Old TVs are difficult to get rid of, but very important to dispose of safely. The electronics contain an array of harmful chemicals that need to be carefully handled.

DataShield is experienced and ready to take that old TV off your hands and make sure it’s disposed of properly so it doesn’t cause any damage or harm.

It doesn’t matter the style, brand, or weight! We’ll take any type of TV off your hands.

Cell Phone Recycling

If you’re like many Americans, chances are you’ve had at least two or three cell phones by now, and probably several more than that!

With the way cell phone contracts work these days, many people find themselves stuck with owning old phones and chargers they no longer use.

Whether you have personal or company cell phones, chances are there’s confidential data stored on your old devices. That’s why you need DataShield to help you dispose of them.

We will ensure all of your data – the contacts, apps, passwords, notes and more – is completely wiped from your device. We’ll then recycle them so they’re put to good use.

Why should you recycle your small electronics?

DataShield is committed to doing our part to preserve the environment. We ensure every piece of your old equipment is properly recycled.

Electronic scrap contains hazardous and non-biodegradable material such as lead, lead solder, plastic, copper, chromium, beryllium, cadmium, barium, nickel, and zinc. That’s not all.

Older models may contain mercury – something that can be very harmful to both adults and children.

The chemicals in small electronics must be handled safely and treated as hazardous materials.

At DataShield, we recycle what we can according to the strict guidelines set by universal waste regulations and dispose of the hazardous and non-biodegradable materials.

Local electronics recycling

We are proud to bring excellent customer service, industry expertise and trusted staff to many regions across Nebraska and Western Iowa.

Our vision is to see local communities have the opportunity to recycle their electronics safely and securely.

We currently serve the following communities:

Our team is ready to meet you and help you safely recycle your electronics. Contact us about electronics recycling.


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