E-Waste Map Reveals Worldwide Impact Of Discarded Electronics

The organization “Solving the E-waste Problem” (StEP) recently released a report revealing the worldwide toll of discarded electronics. Electronics are constantly getting revamped and upgraded, and what do people do with their outdated device? Throw it away. In 2012, global sales of new equipment included 239 million televisions, 444 million computers and tablets, and 1.75 billion mobile phones, according to the technology resource firm Gartner. This growing trend is projected to get worse if consumers don’t start to recycle old TVs and other electronics.

What is E-Waste?

E-waste, or electronic waste, refers to all types of electrical and electronic equipment. It includes items such as TVs, computers, microwaves, coffee makers, printers, entertainment systems, and cell phones.

Why Electronic Recycling?

Electronics account for 2% of landfills and make up for 80% of toxins in the air. When you decide to recycle old TV consoles versus throwing them in the trash, you are eliminating the contaminants in the air that cause cancer, reproductive disorders, and many other health problems.

A Look at the Stats

StEP came up with the first of its kind e-waste world map that provides comparable data on how much e-waste is generated by many countries around the world. They found that the United States and China were responsible for nearly half the world’s total volume of e-waste in 2012. The total amount of e-waste is expected to jump 33% in the next 5 years.

CountryPopulationE-waste produced (tons)Impact per person (lbs)
United States314 million9.3 million66
Canada35 million860,00052
Brazil197 million1.4 million15
Russia142 million1.5 million22
China1.4 billion7 million11
India1.2 billion3 million4
Germany82 million1.9 million50

Click here for the full map.

The Solution

If you want to contribute to a decrease in e-waste, recycle old TV consoles, cell phones, and all other electronics. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling 1 million cell phones can recover 50 lbs of gold, 550 lbs of silver, and 20,000 lbs of copper.

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