Mobile Paper Shredding or Plant Based Destruction? Which is Best for You?

Paper Shredding is essential if you run or own a company. All documents produced by a company from emails, financial statements, memos, and even notes contain classified information that must be withheld from competitors, the public, and even from your own personnel. When the time comes to discard this material, hopefully, your first choice is shredding it. But what type of service is best for you? There are several types of document destruction services available from 3rd party vendors including plant-based and mobile paper shredding. Both services offer the protection necessary to keep your documents out of the wrong hands and on the right side of the law when a AAA NAID Certified vendor is used.

The decision to use one type of shredding services over the other comes down to each individual business. Some require mobile destruction and the comfort of seeing their documents destroyed, others prefer plant-based for its over-all speed and unobtrusiveness. There are distinct advantages to both services.

Plant Based Paper Shredding

Plant Based document destruction is when the shredding service is completed at the vendor’s location. The document destruction company will pick up your containers and haul them in a secured vehicle to a secured, plant-based facility where the shredding will occur.

  • Clean Quiet, and Quick. When it comes time to service your document destruction containers, plant-based destruction means that the containers can be swapped quickly with little or distraction to employees.
  • Safe. NAID certified vendors use secure processes which allow clients to track containers through an unbreakable chain of custody, viewing when and where their documents were destroyed. A certificate of destruction completes this chain.
  • Video Surveillance. NAID certified vendors will have video surveillance on file so that client may view their documents being destroyed.

Mobile Paper Shredding

Mobile document destruction, or on-site document destruction is when the shredding company brings a ‘shredding-truck’ to your location and shreds the material immediately, on-site.

  • Immediate Destruction. Perhaps the biggest advantage of mobile paper shredding is that your documents are destroyed right then and there. As soon as the containers are brought to the curb, a mobile shredding truck begins its work.
  • Visible destruction. Similar to viewing surveillance footage of your documents being destroyed at a shredding facility, mobile paper shredding also offers real-time video footage of your documents being shredded. The entire process from removal to destruction can be witnessed in person in a matter of minutes.
  • Certificate of Destruction. A certificate of destruction is issued, proving that your documents were destroyed in accordance with information security laws.

The benefits of both plant-based and mobile document destruction services are plentiful; the important thing is that you select a NAID AAA Certified 3rd party vendor to keep your confidential information safe and secure.

Start protecting your documents and data now.